Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kindle!

Kindle celebrated her 2nd birthday on Friday, December 13th.  We had our SSD friends over to celebrate with us!  That means lots of doggy friends came too!  5 other SSD dogs were here and Kindle was a very proud hostess!  Enjoy some pics from our fun evening!

                        This is Kindle near Emma, SSD Mali, and SSD Sonora next to her girl, Tina.

                                          Nap time!  SSD Kindle, Mali, Sonora, and Bridge.

                                                   SSD Sonora loves her girl, Tina!

                                        SSD Bridge and Sonora hanging out in the kitchen.

                                   Crystal, Elise, Tina and their dogs Burke and Sonora!

                                                         Yikes!  Look at this crew!  

Crystal, Elise, and Burke, smile!!!

                                Oh, Kindle!  Has to get in on it!  It IS her birthday after all!

                       Kindle LOVES opening gifts.  She always knows when they are hers!

                        Happy Birthday, Kindle!!  A special dog deserves a special birthday!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Our family had a great long weekend.  We have many family traditions and it was so much fun having Kindle be a part of them!

Kindle was VERY well-behaved during Thanksgiving dinner.  She stayed under Emma and the table beautifully!

                                                           She even took a nice nap!

After dinner, we went to visit Emma's two great-grandmas who are in the same retirement home.  Kindle was very well-behaved and gave each grandma gentle kisses.

Kindle is doing so well for us in public!  The only challenge has been her pulling and sniffing without the gentle leader on.  We have found that we just can't take her in public-inside or out - without it on.  She just doesn't behave well enough without it.  She doesn't love it, but she does much better with it on.  She does try to rub it off occasionally, but it just is a necessity for her.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, when many people are out shopping, we go to Christmas in Candy Lane at Hershey Park.  We go in the late afternoon/evening so that we can see all of the pretty lights.  Kindle was a little over-stimulated at first in the arcade.  After a short break, she was fine.  It was very COLD out as you can see how Emma is bundled.  It was 25 degrees!  

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we go to breakfast with our families in the morning and go to Elizabeth Tree farms to cut down a fresh Christmas tree!  Kindle was more than happy to get any of Emma's scraps that fell on the floor.  She's not the neatest eater to Kindle's delight! :)

                Checking if I was planning to drop anything from my plate didn't prove as fruitful!!

               Cold again!  Only 22 degrees Saturday morning as we searched for our perfect tree!

                                   Kindle thought maybe she could sniff her way to our tree!

Grams found it this year!  A beautiful ten foot Frasier!  Our shortest tree in years!  We have a great room with a vaulted ceiling and have gone as tall as 13 feet!

                          Pfew!  What a busy morning!  Emma and Kindle needed a break!!

We ended our weekend at church on Sunday.  We had nursery duty.  Owen and Kindle were getting acquainted.  :)

Kindle also got to meet Liz finally!  She and her husband contributed very generously toward Kindle!!!!  She's also wearing her December collar!  Red and Green blocks with silver doggy bones inside!