Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Angel Kindle on Emma's Bad Day and Pawsabilities

This picture says it all!

Emma missed school due to a bad day with seizures.  
Guess who never left her side?? (Other than me :))

          I couldn't believe it when I looked down and Kindle had linked her arm with Em's.

                              What a comfort on a bad day!  For both Emma and me!!

    Later that evening, Emma was back to herself, but Kindle wasn't so sure yet!

A quick hug from Keith!!  Apparently he was testing Kindle out as a pillow too!  She went back to her girl as soon as I was done taking pictures!

Emma's cousins were visiting.  Kindle decided she would stay on the seat and Nate could sit on the floor for a change!

PAWSABILITIES!! One of SSD's big fundraisers!  We got to see our SSD family again!  We have missed them!  This is Brandon and SSD Dyson.

Kindle was scheduled for the kissing booth.  Before her shift, she reminded Emma that no matter how many kisses she gave out, Emma is still her girl!

SSD Drizzle made an appearance at the kissing booth!  Nothing like a puppy to bring in more customers!

Who could resist this face?  Kindle did a great job!!  She LOVES to give kisses.  We were particularly proud when little kids would come up and Kindle was very gentle!   It was very sweet!

                                        A family reunion!! This is Kindle's sister, Nook.

Look at these two sisters together!  Hmmm, I'm not sure that I see the resemblance!!! :))  Unless extreme cuteness counts!

                                                   This year's Pawsabilites T-shirts!

On our way out the door, we took the opportunity to have Kindle practice opening a door with handicapped access.  We take our public access test again in May and we need to brush up!