Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kindle Loves Snow Days Off! Happy Winter!

 We have been having a lot of school days off for snow.  Kindle is certainly getting used to that!  Tough life, Kindle, huh?

Breakfast out is one of our favorite things to do!  Kindle doesn't mind being under the table as long as she can still feel her girl.

Kindle and Emma waiting patiently at the grocery store.  Kindle is really learning our habits and routines as we are nearing the end of 4 months with her already.

                               A Kindle sandwich!  It's hard to see, but my leg is on the other side.

My family celebrated 3 of our birthdays and Valentine's Day together.  Emma was fading fast, but Kindle was still ready for more gifts.  Happy Valentine's Day sweet girls!!

After gifts, it was time to build a snow fort.  Unfortunately, the snow wasn't packing and became more of a snow pit!  Kindle didn't mind one bit!  Keith, Emma's cousins, Jack and Nate, and Uncle Joe were glad to have Kindle's "help."

Emma was supervising.  Who says that a beach chair is just for the beach??  

A Wenger family portrait.  Happy Winter!!  Hey, who's turn was it to push Emma's hat up?

                                                      Oh!  It must have been Kindle's.

Kindle makes a very pretty picture in the snow.   Black labs always do! 

Kindle and Emma were very patient while I got some work done in my classroom on President's Day.  Kindle especially likes when we can run down the long, dark hallway and take the elevator up and down.

Emma leans to her left a lot in her carseat when she is sleeping.  Before we got a service dog, we always pictured her dog leaning against her and helping her stay up.   She has just started this recently.  Usually, she lays down with her head in Emma's lap, which we love.  But we were very excited to see this!

 Good girl, Kindle!  You are the sweetest dog!  We are VERY blessed to have you!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chocolate Fest, Manicures, and More….

    Emma and Kindle spending a cozy morning keeping warm when the temps were in the single digits.

                                          Another Saturday cartoon morning in our jammies!

                Checking out at the grocery store.  Lots of distractions, but I'm watching my girl!

Emma is being strapped into her gait trainer at school with her PT, Scott.  This helps her walk and strengthen her legs.

Kindle is great at giving Emma kisses to encourage her to keep going!

                           Emma checks to make sure Kindle is still there as she takes a break.

           Emma was really slowing down at the end.  Kindle, we need some more encouragement!

                   Mommy, are you still taking pictures of Kindle and I just hanging out???  

 Kindle has a new favorite spot to look out the window.  This was one of our snow days.  How much do we have so far Kindle?

                         Don't worry, Kindle, we are still planning to carpet the steps for you.

Kindle got to play with SSD Burke before her first grooming appointment.  We are going to the same groomer that Elise and Burke use in Lititz.

                 Rainbear is trimming Kindle's nails.  You are being very still, Kindle.  Good girl!

Kindle wished that she could go with Keith to the Chocolate Ball.  It is the Saturday night before the big Chocolate Fest to benefit Keystone Family Human Services.

                                                        Sorry, Kindle, not this time.  

 I still love these sleeping pictures.  If this blog had sound effects, you would hear Kindle softly snoring.  

         Sunday was Chocolate Fest at the Hershey Lodge.  We volunteered to help with Coat Check.  

Kindle got to meet the Turkey Hill Turkey lady.  She LOVED her.  She kept giving her kisses and trying to snuggle with her.  

After 4 hours helping with coat check, Kindle and Emma were ready to check out the rest of the fest.

             We went to the SSD booth.  There is Nancy and SSD Meade with Susan and SSD Mab.


                    We got to talk to lots of people about service dogs.  Kindle was very well behaved.

We enjoyed a late lunch at the Bear's Den.  One of Hershey Lodge's 4 restaurants.

Dana and SSD Kiwi were there and that is Peter with SSD Midge.

 We had another snow day.  8 inches of snow.  This is the deepest Kindle has been in here yet.  It is so much fun to watch her.  Especially when she buries her nose to sniff her way to the ground and comes up with a white beard.  Happy Winter Kindle!!