Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Year with Kindle

Kindle and Emma were chillin' out while I was getting some work done.  They even stayed put when I was across the hall in my own classroom and my colleague kept an eye on them.

            Kindle went under the table and became Emma's footrest completely on her own.  On the table you will see our Christmas presents from Kindle's raisers, Annabelle and Timo.  We got the original stocking with Kindle's name on that she was in for her very first puppy picture, a puppy book for Emma, and an adorable card!  All the way from London!  Thank you!!!

                                           Kindle got a present too!  She held it all day.  

                                        This church picture says it all.  Is it time to go yet?? :)

 Kindle got to have an SSD friend overnight!  She and SSD London played so hard when he first got here, that I could barely get them to stay still for a quick picture.  Kindle is on the right.  They look a lot alike, but London's head is bigger.

              They had a ball playing together out in the snow.  It was just as much fun watching them!

               Emma had a double block to keep her safely on the sofa.  Kindle is on the right.

They really did get along beautifully.  Kindle shared all of her toys.  She only got a little jealous when London would snuggle with one of us, particularly Emma.  She would wiggle her way in and start giving kisses too, just to make sure we remembered that SHE is our girl.  Don't worry Kindle!

We continue to watch for signs of Emma touching Kindle more with her hands.  She still doesn't do it frequently.  So it is extra special when she does.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our First Christmas with Kindle

We had a wonderful holiday break with our family with lots of gatherings and activities.  This is just a highlight!  Having Kindle with us made the season extra special!  We feel very blessed and thankful for her presence in our lives, especially Emma's!!   We love you Kindle!!!!

Dec 23rd was Emma's dentist check-up.  This was Kindle's first time meeting our favorite dentist in the whole world, Dr. Ross!  He didn't mind one bit that she wanted to sit at his feet instead of mine. 

These two were my helper elves while I was wrapping presents.  Ha!  Big help they were! :)

 This was Christmas morning after Santa came.  The 4th stocking looked just right this year!!  Looks like Santa didn't forget Kindle!!!

Emma and Kindle exchanged gifts as well.  This one is from Emma to Kindle.  She must be smelling it to guess what it is before she opens it.

This was me telling Kindle that SHE is our best Christmas present ever!!!!

Emma loved the doggy ornament that Kindle got her while Kindle was checking the next gift to make sure it was the right one!

                               A thank you kiss after the gifts were open!  Awwww!

Kindle made a great foot rest for Emma while she was opening her presents.  It was also a good vantage point to keep checking when it was HER turn! :)

Strike a pose, Kindle!  We want a good shot of your special Christmas collar!!!

                Ahhh, finally!  It's your turn Kindle!  What did Santa bring you????

                          Lots of toys and treats!  Mmmmm, this bone tastes like chicken!!!

My sister, Missy, and her family stayed 2 nights after Christmas.  Kindle loves everyone in my family and enjoys spending some snuggle time with each!

But she always goes back to her girl.  This was the morning after Christmas.  They were wiped out after all that present opening.

We had an unexpected snowfall too!  Emma's cousins couldn't wait to go play in the snow with Kindle.  She had a blast!  They came in after 30 minutes, and she stayed out another 45!

The Saturday after Christmas is always the day we celebrate with Keith's extended family.  We got a 4 generational picture.   His grandma, mom, him, Em, and now Kindle!!!

Another adorable church shot!  My favorite pictures!  Must be the lighting!!! :)

 New Year's Day, on the way to dinner with my parents.  Notice the new collar for January.  Snowmen!  They both try to get as close as they can!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!