Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindle's first spring and Easter with Emma

Kindle has appointed herself Emma's towel warmer.  Everytime I get Emma out of the tub, this is what we see!  Thanks, Kindle!

Emma had a back X-ray taken to check for scoliosis.  It took 25 minutes and Kindle stayed in a down-stay in that doorway the whole time!  I was so proud of her!

Afterward, we waited to talk to the doctor.  Kindle was very patient.  Good news!  No scoliosis and likely there never will be.  

After our appointment, we had a wonderful lunch at The Miner's Club in Cornwall.  Kindle was well-behaved under the table as usual.

            Emma was tired after the appointment and began clustering many mild seizures.

When the seizures started, even though they were very mild, Kindle came and rested her head on Emma.  It was very sweet.

At home, we don't dictate where Kindle should be.  She is free to roam.  She does usually, but she always comes back to Emma on her own and we are very glad.  They are still working on that bond.

Another trip to Bass Pro Shops.  We are soon going to have to take our certification test again.  We are practicing every chance we get.  Good "under", Kindle!  She always did do that well!

                            I still love to turn around and see this!  It always makes my day!

                                 A lazy last 5 minutes before Mommy wakes us for school!  

The Mennonite Central Committee has a huge relief sale every year at the Harrisburg Farmshow Complex.  We visit Keith's parents who help run it.  Emma was sleeping on Grandma's lap, so Kindle decided a quick "lap" on Keith would be okay.

 Disney on Ice Tickets at the Giant Center every year for Emma's birthday.  Front row!  This was Kindle's first time and she did GREAT!!

There were lots of lights, sounds, even fireworks and special effects.  Kindle never flinched.  Amazing how well-trained service dogs are for just these occasions!

We took Emma to Olive Garden for dinner afterward.  Kindle isn't in the picture because she is under the table like a good girl making a nice foot rest for Emma.  Her choice! :)

 Emma and Keith went to a father/daughter dance.  Of course, Kindle did too!  Emma wore her first eyeshadow and pink lip gloss.  She looked beautiful and all grown up!!

Grams and Gramps (my parents) and Grandma and Grandpa (Keith's) were there for pictures of course!    She has her corsage on for this picture!

                           A little sunbathing on the deck.  Mmmm, maybe spring is coming!

Wow, Kindle must have shrunk!  No, just puppy hugging.  We hugged the latest litter from SSD who turned 8 weeks.  The "B" litter.  One of our favorite ways to help out!  Anyone can be a puppy hugger!!

 Emma's ear must have tasted good.  She kept getting licks!  Either that or they were sharing secrets!!

This little one thought Emma's pant leg was a chew toy.  Emma didn't mind one bit!
                                                Painting Easter eggs at Aunt Missy's!

                              Easter Dinner with my family at the Sutter Inn in Lititz.  Happy Easter!!
                                                                   There's Kindle!  

Hey!  Where did that service dog come from?  That is SSD Hamlet.  We are back to sitting for them!  6 months has passed since getting Kindle and we are able to start sitting again!  We have Hamlet every weekend until he graduates from advanced training.  We sat him last spring for a whole month, so we know him well.  Keith and he bonded!  Keith is thrilled to have him back!!

                                                                 SSD Bunny Hamlet!

                                                              SSD Bunny Kindle!

                                      Visiting the Grandmas was making Emma very sleepy!  

                                                        Hmmm, must be contagious!

Emma loves having doggies around!  We don't often catch this smile on film!  Thanks Kindle and Hamlet!

                             Kindle is doing a nice "visit" on Hamlet's back.  He doesn't mind!

                          Emma's cousin, Nate, wanted to ride with us everywhere.  I wonder why? :)

 Emma found her Easter basket at Grams and Gramps'.  That black fuzzy thing at the bottom of the picture is Kindle checking it out!

A great family shot!  We won't be able to use it on our Christmas picture!  Hamlet will be long gone.

Hamlet has always been so good with Emma.  He loves her!  He is under her highchair hugging her foot.  Kindle didn't mind.

                                                  Ahh, day after Easter.  Back to normal!  


  1. Love the Easter pictures... Especially Emma's smile and Kindle as the Easter bunny...

    1. Thanks, Boni! I love when we can get that smile on camera!!

  2. I love reading about Emma and Kindle, and what a fantastic surprise to see Hamlet! He absolutely bonded to your family, and I am so happy he gets to spend time with you again.

    1. Oh, Daisy! I am so glad you have been following the blog!!! Kindle has been amazing! And you must have been surprised to see Hamlet! He is so good with Emma and always was! Such a gentle giant!!